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Welcome to Ascension Sims

Welcome to Ascension Sims! Ascension Sims is more than just a group of simmers, we aim to be a one stop location for not only gaming, but to be a community of people who love and enjoy a common interest. You will find a wide variety of interests, such as Modern Day Special Ops, Star Gate, and Star Trek. We are all inclusive, so if you want to start your own game, feel free!

The group was formed from the remnants of the Federation Sim Fleet, which had a long and storied history in the simming community. After many years of steady decline, it was decided to cast off the history, and start fresh, with new faces and new ideas.

Please, feel free to explore the games and our forums. If you have any questions or just want to stop by and chat, please feel free to find us on Discord. Just follow the link to our server!